Information from families for families

Information on local resources:

Support Services and activity groups

Autism Take 5

Autism Take 5 is an organisation which provides

support groups for families and carers of autistic

individuals. They also run training courses and

days out for its members. It is based in North

Lanarkshire however families from all over Lanarkshire are welcome.

Hope for Autism

Hope for Autism is a charity based in North Lanarkshire for North Lanarkshire families, they provide support, training and advocacy for families and carers of autistic individuals and also run a host of different clubs for its members.

Reach Lanarkshire Autism

Reach Lanarkshire Autism is a charity based in South Lanarkshire for families across North and South Lanarkshire, they provide support and training for families and carers for autistic individuals and run numerous activity groups for autistic children and young people.

PDA Awareness and Support

PDA support and Awareness is a support group ran for families and carers of autistic children with a PDA profile, whether diagnosed or suspected. Their ethos is to provie support to each other while raising awareness of PDA.


Sail Autism

Sail Autism runs three social groups for autistic teens and young

adults, their aim is to end isolation and increase understanding

of autism.

COAST (Champions of autism spectrum together)

Coast provides support to families and carers of autistic

individuals within the South Lanarkshire region. They provide

recreational activities to austitic individuals and there


Find them on Facebook – COAST


ARCH is a council led initiative which offers a range of services for autistic individuals as well as their parents/carers in the South Lanarkshire region. This includes carer support groups, training, and activity groups as well as signposting to other services locally and nationally.


PlayPeace is a parent-led service to support families who have a child or children with additional needs. The organisation offers play sessions which include children with their siblings and parents or carers. PlayPeace aims to provide a welcoming, inclusive club which enables friendships, learning and play in a safe setting with peer support for parents and carers.

Facebook- PlayPeace


PALS is a charity based in North Lanarkshire which offers fun

activities in a safe environment for children with additional

support needs up to the age of 18. Siblings and other family

members are also welcome.

Education support and advocacy

Salvesen Mindroom

Salvesen Mindroom works directly with families and

children providing one to one support and advocacy for

children and young people up to the age of 25 with

learning difficulties. Their support includes, but is not limited to:

– Supporting parents with practical and emotional support

– Supporting and advocating for families with difficulties surrounding education and


– Transition support for moving through the school system and also into adulthood


Provides advice to parents on additional support for

learning in Scotland. They support by:

– Providing easy to understand advice and information about additional support for learning legislation and guidance for families and professionals.

– Help families find local education and support services.

– Sharing practical tips to help families and schools can work together and solve problems should they arise.

My Rights My Say

My rights my say is a support service which provides advice

and information, advocacy support (for children to prepare

for and understand the consequences of their own and their

parents use of rights), legal representation for Tribunal

references and a service which independently seeks

children’s views to inform decision-making for children aged

12 to 15.

Carers Support

North Lanarkshire Carers Together

Carers together provides support to families living in North

Lanarkshire who have a caring role. This includes but is not

limited to information about:

– Benefits

– Education

– Training

– Employment

– Advocacy

– Local carer support and short breaks

Lanarkshire carers

Lanarkshire carers support carers living in Lanarkshire

by providing a number of services including:

– Carer card

– Short breaks services

– Carer training opportunities

– Keep well health check

– Virtual drop in

– Carers catch up group

North Lanarkshire Disability Forum

North Lanarkshire disability forum provides up-to-date

information to support people with a disability and their

carers to live as independent life as possible. They

offer support that promotes good mental, physical and

emotional wellbeing.

Support services for specific needs

Trust Jack Foundation

The Trust Jack Foundation is a service which supports

young people and older people who are suffering mental

health difficulties or are at a high risk of suffering a

mental health illness. They also work to improve the

emotional well-being and mental health of the local

community and beyond, through health and well-being

services, therapy, workshops, and activities.

Sleep Scotland

Sleep difficulties are a common issue within the autistic

population. Sleep Scotland can provide support and

education on good sleep health. This can be done through

their help line or a referral can be made for one-to-one

support. Referral pathways vary for Sleep Scotland depending on your area, their website provides information on how to refer based on where you live.

Occupational Therapy Support Resource

A great website that has many downloadable resources

including information on sensory differences, life skills etc.

National Support Services

The National Autistic Society

The national autistic society are a nationwide charity who

have a helpline for families to call and seek advice. They

also provide befriending services for autistic adults. They

also run training courses locally for parents aimed at

different stages in their development, so they start with Early bird and finish with Teen Life. They have 116 branches throughout the UK.

Scottish Autism

Scottish Autism is a charity that provides support to autistic children

and adults. They have outreach support and respite services for

children. For adults they have outreach vocational opportunities

and supported living accommodation. Scottish autism also can

provide families with emotional support and information.

Autism Network Scotland

Autism network Scotland can offer reliable, impartial information

and advice to families and autistic individuals. They can signpost

to other agencies for support and resources and useful


Family fund

Family fund is a government fund that gives grants to families who have a disabled child. The grant can be used to pay for items or breaks you think will benefit the child for example a short break, sensory equipment or specialist equipment. It is very easy to apply, and you can apply annually.

Take a break Scotland

Take a break is a government fund that is specific to Scotland. It is for families with disabled children to help pay for trips over the summertime. It is very quick to apply, and you can apply annually. It is not guaranteed that you will receive the grant if you have received it the year previous. However, they aim to give the grants to as many families as possible each year.

There are also many autistic individuals who share their own lived experience through social media. This is a list of a few different social media handles which you can also access.

Dean Beadle Speaker

Kristy Forbes Autism and ND support

The girl with the curly hair

Aucademy – Education for everyone on autistic experience

Chloe Hayden

Autistic not weird -Chris Bonnello

Harry Thompson PDA extraordinaire

Support groups 

Jack and Jill Support Group

– Support group for children with ASN and carers

– Based at YMCA Bellshill

– Support groups: Thursday 10am to 12

– Summer holidays: Tues & Thurs 11am to 1pm

– Transportation can be provided

Shining Star


Shining Stars ASN Theatre School – SCIO (facebook)

– Theatre school for children and adults with ASN

– Based in Coatbridge

– Drama, musical theatre, dance, drama therapy, sensory drama, relaxation and mindfulness

– Can participate in DofE awards, hi5 awards and Dynamic youth awards

Monday 5:30pm – 7:30pm

Tuesday 6pm – 8pm

Wednesday 6pm – 8pm

Thursday 6pm – 8pm

Ozanam Club

The Ozanam Clubs are a social evening for adults and children with learning difficulties, providing a fun night out where people can socialise and participate in activities which include a weekly disco, bingo, football, computer games, and arts and crafts. The clubs also have party nights throughout the year.

Monday: 6:30pm-8:30pm (Carfin, John McCormack Community Centre, under 18s)

Thursday: 7pm-8:45pm (Viewpark Community Centre, older teenagers & over 18s)

RELAX Kids Motherwell

– Relax kids, mini me yoga, hypnotherapy, life coaching

– Groups/clubs, 1:1 at school/home/community

Contact Helena:


Facebook: Relax Kids Motherwell

Twitter: @KidsMotherwell

PASP Parent Action


ASN Groups:

Tuesday (5-8yrs): 6pm – 7:45pm

Wednesday (9-12 yrs): 6pm-7:45pm

£2 cost

Tel:  01236 426737


Google: PASP (Parent Action for Safe Play)

Saturday Café Clubs

Cathcart Old Parish Church

Ozzy's Youth Club – provides care and youth-based activities for disabled young people aged 13-18 years in a ‘youth club’ environment. Club activities are developed in consultation with the young people and regular club meetings are held to evaluate existing activities and to develop new ad exciting opportunities for play and development. The club aims to be a stepping-stone for young people into the world of adult recreational clubs and work, and offers a transitional short-term service for those young people 18 years plus. The club operates 50 weeks of the year, for two and half hours on a Tuesday evening 6.30pm – 9pm and averages an attendance of 25 young people each week.

Ultimate Sunday’s – aimed at disabled children and young people aged 5 – 18 years (in age and stage appropriate settings) and offers opportunities in a range of activities including sports, dance and drama. All activities are supported by professional coaching staff and are designed to be fun and aid health and wellbeing. The club operates 50 weeks of the year, for three hours on a Sunday 12pm – 3pm and averages an attendance of 30 young people each week.

Cafe Holiday Club – with the support of the Short Breaks Fund we are able to run a full programme of activities over the two week Spring break, six week Summer break and the one week October break. Our Cafe Holiday Club operates 5 days each week and offers a full range of opportunities and activities including; play, sports, dance, drama, arts and crafts. The club operates from 9am – 3pm each day (an additional 5pm service is available for a limited number of service users) and has an average attendance of 25 children / young people at each session.

Price information: Please contact us for our most up-to-date pricing, but current costs are:

Ultimate Sunday's – £7.50

Ozzy's Youth Club – £7.50

ASN Football development centres

Additional Support Needs centres are designed to give players with disabilities an opportunity to play in a safe and fun environment. The sessions are conducted by Scottish FA qualified coaches who deliver a programme of adapted practices that ensures each player is both supported and challenged at their own individual level. 

Ian Nicholson Centre, 11am till 12 noon

Soccer Bopperz

ASN Football Club – Friday 6:15pm

FIVES Hamilton

07712295357 or Soccer Bopperz on Facebook

Autism Friendly Cinema Showings – Many cinemas offer Autism friendly showings.  Contact individual cinemas for details.  

If you in receipt of DLA, you can apply for A CEA card for your child and the carer ticket is free.  

Trampolining – Many trampoline parks offer autism friendly sessions. Contact individual cinemas for details.  Flip Out – Tuesday and Thursday 7 – 8pm and Sunday 9am – 10am 

Soft Play – Many soft plays offer autism friendly sessions. Contact individual soft plays for details. Bellziehill Farm in Bellshill have an ASN session Wednesdays 5-7pm.

Ponies Help Children (Pony Therapy) – Uddingston Tuesday 7- 8pm and Saturdays, Shotts evenings and weekends.  

Jelly Piece club – held in YM Orbiston, Monday (trips) and Thursdays 6 -8pm during summer holidays and every second Sunday term time. 

Include Me 2 Club – Based around the Glasgow area, various services for children to adults. Buddy up services, youth clubs, employability and club nights for 18+.

Dates N Mates – Social support for 18+ with adult activities such as clubbing and meeting people

Take a Break – provides grants for families for holidays/ garden equipment for their child. 

Carefree – Free short breaks for unpaid carers


Dancy cit airdrie 

Open uni understanding autism 

Blue sky autism project online – child led play to encourage speech

Keys for learning edinburgh social groups 

Autism take 5 

Autism – all across the spectrum fb 

Autism inclusivity fb


Edinburgh psychoed intervention for children 

Calvert lakes 

Bedrigg trust 

Rival gym wishaw