What do we mean by communication?

Our Goal:

Is understanding!

Communication is fundamental to children’s development; children need to be able to understand and be understood. 

Communication is the foundation of relationships and is essential for learning, play and social interaction. At Chattersense we aim for groups to first and foremost be fun for children and carers alike.

Songs, stories and rhymes along with Makaton signing are used, with children and adults learning together through repetition, turn taking, sequencing, eye contact and body language. Early communication matters, and in our ever increasingly digital world, face to face communication, including singing and stories, is vital..

Sing and Sign sensory:

What does this encourage?


“Research has shown that babies respond well to beat and rhythm of language even before they are born. They are in tune with their mother’s heartbeat from an early stage, so a steady beat and the rhythm of songs and rhymes can be very soothing for them.

Singing and rhyming is a wonderful way for mums, dads and carers to bond with their children. Music is proven to help reduce stress levels and spending just a few minutes a day sharing a song or rhyme together can have a positive impact on everyone’s mental health.” (

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