I want to thank you sincerely for the help you have given both Josh and myself over the last couple of years, we have had more input from you than all the other agencies put together and it is such a brilliant service you provide and knowing that you have personally experienced the journey is reassuring about the advice you give. I really wish there was something local to us like Chattersense (You).

“Ava was able to participate in the therapy sessions using the props provided by Chattersense – she has been unable to engage in any other group until now”

Another mum whos child has been getting seen by NHS staff exclaimed that she had “learned far more and become more confident” in the hour I had been with her than in the last 7 months of other professionals input into her child’s life.

Another child with a dual diagnosis of Downs syndrome and Autistic Spectrum Disorder was able to play on the sand with his brother for the first time this year following therapy sessions to reduce his touch hypersensitivity and difficulties with sensory perception. The family are delighted with the progress he is making.

A young student who attended a autistic support group stated that she could not believe that “someone understands me and gets to the basics of how to help”

October 2021 I had been searching for someone to help him for 7 months, and could not get anyone to help.  Its very difficult to explain that to a 9 year old who is begging for help on an almost daily basis.  I came across a facebook post for Chattersense and called Sharon Craighead.  We talked for about 30 minutes and I couldnt believe that someone actually understood what was happening to my son, and even better, felt they could help him.  Since starting the Sensory Therapy, I’m really pleased to say that he has really benefited from the sessions.  After 2 sessions his multiple daily vomiting stopped. 

What a great resource Chattersense is!! As a mother of a 9 year old with additional special needs, I can’t stress what a benefit having this place is.  Soft play can often be too overwhelming and the environment unsafe for those children with little appreciation of danger or risk. Parks can pose similar problems.

At Chattersense, my daughter can enjoy sensory and physical play in a safe and secure environment.  Sharon provides excellent support and great ideas for play which can also be transferred to play at home.  The swing and the trampoline are definite favourites for us and help my daughter to calm and self-regulate.

We are OPEN!!!!!

At long last we are delighted to announce we officially opened today. Here are some photos of our very fist sessions

For more information pleaase call Sharon on 07931588835 or email