Sensory Activities to do at home with ALL the kids.

Its sometimes difficult to keep all the kids entertained and meet all their individual needs and wants. I’ve jotted down some of the things I liked to do when the kids were younger. Hopefully you will find something to do! SMELLY PAINTING! – Scratch-and-sniff painting appeals to kids’ visual, tactile, and olfactory (smell) senses. Choose a fewContinue reading “Sensory Activities to do at home with ALL the kids.”

Mum-to-mum Chattersense Group West Scotland

I am thinking about starting up a new Mum-to-mum group for families of children with additional support needs under 18 months. The main purpose of the group would be to offer parent/carers and their children the opportunity to meet other families, make friends, share experiences and have fun! The groups will also offer parents/carers information,Continue reading “Mum-to-mum Chattersense Group West Scotland”

July in National Food awareness Month

Apparently July is the national awareness month for food – I know who knew? There ‘s a calendar that schools use to get their themes – well it seemed like a good idea for a post about sensory and communication issues around food! One of my favourite topics lol! Where to start – let meContinue reading “July in National Food awareness Month”