About Us

Chattersense is a specialised group developed and facilitated by a qualified Occupational therapist with a post graduate certificate in Ayres Sensory Integration and a Communication specialist with her Regional Makaton Training Qualification. 

We have noticed that sensory differences can have a significant impact on a child’s ability to communicate effectively and have developed these groups to address this area of difficulty. Children who attend our groups do not have to have any kind of formal diagnosis and although they are advertised as general age groups we will assess the child’s stage of development to ensure they are in the most suitable group to meet their individual needs.

All children have a very important job to do. They have to grow, learn, socialise and play. Children do this every day by exploring the boundaries of their abilities. When they are successful, children develop and thrive and this sense of achievement makes them happy.” As an Occupational Therapist it is necessary to keep this at the forefront of intervention and should be in bedded into every aspect of treatment.”However, if children have learning, emotional, psychological or physical difficulties, this can hinder their ability to grow, learn, socialise and play, resulting in them not coping with basic activities such as getting dressed or brushing their teeth. Equally at school, children may have difficulty concentrating in class or lack the confidence to take part in playground games such as playing catch. This will affect their ability to learn, participate in school activities and make friends, which can be difficult, because ‘fitting in’ is so important to a child’s self-esteem and happiness. Occupational therapists work with the child, parents and teachers to find solutions to minimise the difficulties children face, helping them get the most from life.” – College of Occupational Therapy

Who We Are

Katy Lironi is a Regional Makaton Tutor and has worked for Down’s Syndrome Scotland as an ABC (Achieving Better Communication) worker for 7 years. She has a Masters in Adult Education and worked for many years as an ESOL (English as a Second Language) teacher. She has also taught literacy to adults and run creative and song writing workshops for South Lanarkshire Council. She is a singer/song writer who has released several albums and recorded many BBC radio sessions. Since becoming the mother of 5 children, all now teenagers and one with ASN and communication difficulties, she has run sing and sign groups for pre-school children. She is passionate about helping every child to develop the best communication they can and ensuring caregivers can learn how to best support their child, through involving the whole family in fun, inclusive communication techniques.

Sharon Craighead is a state Registered Occupational Therapist with over 18 years paediatric experience. She graduated in 1993 and has worked across many disciplines including mental health, forensics and social services both here in the UK and in the USA. She has recently completed her Sensory Integration Practitionor Status qualification through Ulster University. Like Katy Sharon has a large family of 4; one of her children has ASN with sensory and communication challenges. Over time she has developed her interest and specialism in working with children with sensory issues and communication difficulties and wants to be able to share her knowledge and skills with other parents/caregivers.

PGCert + SI Practitioner Sensory Integration Education – ASIP Register

HCPC Registration number: OT21733

As a team they are uniquely placed to offer both professional and practical experience alongside empathy and understanding.

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