Student blog: My placement

Maddy’s Virtual Placement experience with Chattersense

Project group.

During my placement with Chattersense, I have had the opportunity to be part of a variety of creative and interesting projects, including setting up a summer program and supporting families with a therapy program at home. The skills and knowledge gained from these projects have been valuable and will benefit me hugely as I develop a career in Occupational Therapy.


This was my first virtual placement as well as working with children and young people, so I was very apprehensive before starting. So many worries and questions kept coming to my mind…How much contact would I have with people? Will I have enough to do? Will I reach my learning outcomes? However, despite being online, Sharon (Lead OT) ensured we had a varied, informative, and fun learning experience and that our learning outcomes could be met.

We have had the opportunity to be involved in a variety of projects including supporting families, setting up a summer program in a response to Covid19 and an online social group. Being able to have online client contact throughout this experience has been valuable and will benefit me in the future especially if online consultations become more prominent.

This placement has also allowed for creativity, autonomy, and flexibility and allows time for learning without the pressure of a busy hospital environment. However, it can feel quite lonely being on your own for long periods of time, however, ensuring regular contact with the other students on the placement and taking care of your own mental health will make the virtual experience less isolating. Thank you, Sharon, the other students and Chattersense for a great learning experience.  

Maddy Matthews, OT Student

(Queen Margaret University)

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