Mum-to-mum Chattersense

Are you a mum of a baby with additional support needs in the West of Scotland – if so why not join our new Mum-to-mum chattersense group on a Tuesday morning starting Tuesday 18th August at 10.30.

At the moment its even more difficult than normal to get out and meet mums with similar issues and trust me there’s no better support than someone else who understands exactly what your going through. When my son was younger his Little Rascals group was a life line.

I’m thinking the format will be something along the lines of

  • basic introductions
  • Topic
  • Chat

In the first few weeks we can decide exactly how you would like it to run and the topics you think would be beneficial and I will try get in people to help. This group will be very much led by your needs.

The first week I will talk about eye contact, head control and tracking which are the initial steps babies have to develop.




Crossing the midline


Baby communication

Importance of touch

Please let me know other topics you would like and we can develop a list together. If you have any other ideas or suggestions please let me know and I’m sure we can incorporate them into the sessions.
If you want more information please contact me at or call Sharon on 07931588835 or

I look forward to meeting you xx

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