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Helping children make “Sense” of their world

Welcome to Chattersense!

Helping children make “sense” of the world!

Chattersense aims to help children with additional support eeds and their families live life to the full, feel included provide the opportunity for “Safe Play”, participate in club activities in a fun and inclusive environment. We want siblings to feel included and supported and have meaningful quality play time together.

One of our objectives is to allow families the engager in meaningful activity; feel supported and empowered giving them a sense of belonging, sucess and improving confidence and skills along the way.

Our clinic wil be developed by a highly specialist Occupational Therapist who will use her skills and knowledge to facilitate the childs “occupation” goals (what they want to do); and work on life skills in the background, which will lead to reduced stress and anxiety in families and a general “feel good” factor with improved social skills and coping strategies.

Families are supported through “therapeutic play”; individual assessments and treatment sessions; team activities; family classes; early development work and much more. Every child has the right to play and here at Chattersense we are fully committed to ensuring we are fully inclusive!

Our Mission:

To enhance the quality of life for children with sensory and communication differences; their families and their extended support system, through therapy; meaningful play and education.

Our Assessments:

Our Specialist Occupational Therapist has been qualified for over 25 years and has 15 years in paediatrics, she has her practitioner qualification in Ayres Sensory Integration.

To get a clear picture of a child’s sensory & communication needs, we carry out Comprehensive and Bespoke Assessments.

Our sensory & communication assessments are usually carried out over 3 sessions and look at all their sensory systems and develope a profile of the childs strengths and some things that may need to be developed further.

These include discussions with parents, professionals e.g. school staff, therapists and social care and carers as part of the holistic process.

We used standardised and non-standardised assessments and clinical observations to establish a baseline of a child’s or young person’s functional performance. Our assessments are based on the childs and families concerns and will be adapted to meet your individual needs

Our Groups:

Welcome to our new amazing specialist group that combines communication and sensory issues in a manner that will promote and enhance communication. Our unique and exciting groups are run by a qualified state registered Occupational Therapist and a Communication Specialist. Between us we have over 50 years specialist paediatric experience. This group is aimed at those children who are delayed in their communication and their sensory issues are causing concerns.

All groups are about having fun and addressing any developmental, motor or social skills based issue through involvement in fun games, motor skills activities and co-operative learning

“Our task is to help children communicate with the world using all their potential strengths, and languages and try to overcome any obstacle presented”

Please get in touch:

Sharon Craighead, Paediatric Occupational Therapist, 07931 588835

Katy Lironi, Makaton Regional Tutor and Communication Specialist


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